Let’s talk about Finland – Finnish sports

In Finland we have lot of sports like Finnish baseball, swimming and track & field. Winter sports probably come to your mind first when you are thinking about Finnish sports, and we do lot of those. Ice hockey is the most popular sport and I think Finland has been quite successful worldwide. Football is the second most popular even tho Finland has not been that successful with football, but we are getting there.

Then we have some not that known and maybe crazy sports like wife carrying and swamp soccer. There is even a wife carrying world championship contest on 1st-2nd of July 2022 in Finland. There is not a lot of rules. The wife that you carry does not have to be your own. She just has to weight over 49kg. Only extra equipment allowed is belt for carrier to wear. If the carrier drops the wife, he must lift her back up and continue. Having fun is the main goal. First, second and third couple will get some Finnish design products. There is also senior and team competition where they carry the wife in turns.

Swamp soccer is a variation of regular soccer. Swamp soccer differs from regular soccer mostly because the field is swamp and lot softer than a grass field. Swamp fields size is 60 x 30 meters and playing time is 2 x 10 minutes. The amount of the players in the field includes 5 field players and the goalkeeper. There are a lot more other rules for example there’s no offside and corner kicks are kicked from hands. Swamp Soccer World Championship will be on 15-16th of July 2022 in Vuorisuo, Finland.

You can send your application to both of these contests.

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