HSC goes international – Welcome Ella!

Hello! My name is Ella and I´m an exchange student from Finland. I´m seventeen years old but I will be celebrating my birthday here in March. I´m doing my internship for four weeks here at Hammer SportClub 2008. My first day on Monday here was quite nice. I got to see all the units and the city as well. After four weeks I will change my working place to another sport club. I´m really excited for this opportunity to work abroad. It´s very interesting to see the differences between working in Finland and Germany. We are staying in Herringen in this cozy farmhouse with three other students that came from Finland with me. In total all of us will be here for eight weeks. After the eight weeks four of the german students are supposed to come to Finland with us. Hopefully the covid situation will allow it and gladly we still got here on time. So far Hamm seems to be a really nice place. I´ve only took the wrong bus two times and I still don´t remember our address but I have 7 weeks to learn. I especially like the elephants that you can see everywhere and the weather here is lot nicer. In Finland it is -15 C some days and snowing all the time so this wintertime here is pretty nice. Hopefully I will also learn some german words, more than just “danke”.

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